November 5, 2017 – Thomas Meyer tour. He will give two lectures on this day, both on the Subterranean Spheres in the World and Man. He will arrive on the 4th, have a free day on the 6th and depart on the 7th. 


Elder Flowering: Adult Phases of Development

 a biography workshop with Patricia Rubano

September 30, 2017

10 a.m. – 3 p.m.


3547 Altadena Drive, San Diego

(Potluck lunch from 12:00 – 1:00)


Life is a process of development and each of us is continually becoming.  The transformations that happen in early life are a gift of the gods and occur as a matter of course.  The potential for growth and change continues in potential throughout the human life as it comes ever more into the realm of our own freedom and responsibility.  This picture of unfolding can help us find what is essential to each stage of life so that we can live and work more consciously with ourselves and with others.

We will share life experiences and also the imaginations of transformation that we live with 

and that inform our strivings as we explore the meaning of aging.

Suggested donation:  $30

Patricia Rubano is the current Director of the Biography and Social Art Program

She is a member of the International Trainer’s Forum and attended the Biography Counseling Course in England. Her training in Spacial Dynamics keeps her flexible and her three grandsons keep her humble.  She has been a Waldorf early childhood educator and student of Anthroposophy for over 30 years and currently serves as a mentor and evaluator in many schools. 

For further information contact:  Elizabeth Sevison-Olley 760-761-0414 or Lori Daub 760-291-1720

St. John’s Day Midsummer Festival 

Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 6:30 PM 

At 233 Autumn Rose Lane, Fallbrook, CA 9202

Please join us in Alicia Santacroce’s garden to celebrate the summer season with potluck sharing, songs, stories and music! The summer solstice is the time when the sun is in its glory. This is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. Although the date of the summer solstice falls on June 21st, summer solstice customs are associated with a fixed date: June 24 Midsummer’s Day, which is also St. John’s Day.

It’s a traditional time for a bonfire to be lit as the sun sets. Come share your individual thoughts and inspirations about this special time of the year. Families with children are welcome. For directions and information, call: 760-451-0001




of the 



SUNDAY, MAY 28, 2017 

10:00 A.M.- NOON 

 Followed by a potluck brunch

Dear Members and Friends, This month we will gather together to hear updates from the various initiatives in our area, meet new members, review the past year’s activities and look forward to the coming year. Officers will be elected and our financial report will be presented. 

Contact Elizabeth Sevison  or Lori Daub if you would like to participate on our Coordinating Committee.


November 5, 2017 – Thomas Meyer tour. He will give two lectures on this day, both on the Subterranean Spheres in the World and Man. He will arrive on the 4th, have a free day on the 6th and depart on the 7th. 


In celebration of the Easter weekend

please join us at the 

San Diego Waldorf School

on Saturday, April 15th at 10:00 a.m.

We will study Lecture 2, 

from Rudolf Steiner’s

The Cycle of the Year, as a Breathing-Process of the Earth.

This lecture was originally given on Easter Sunday, 1 April 1923 in Dornach.

A potluck brunch will follow. Feel free to bring any Easter images and/or Easter flowers you would like to share.

The Alchemical Magic of
Wonder, Compassion, and Conscience

Sunday, April 30, 2017
10:00 am- 12 noon
(Followed by potluck luncheon)
With Jane Hipolito

“Wonder and Amazement, Compassion or Fellow-feeling, and Conscience – 

these are the three powers through which human beings, even while in the physical body, transcend their own limitations; through these powers, influences that cannot find entrance into the human
soul through the intellect and the senses ray into human life.”*

What do these three mighty forces involve? How can we integrate wonder, compassion, and conscience into our daily life? What difference does it make, for ourselves and also for the world, when we do so? With the aid of selected modern and contemporary artworks, we will take up these questions.

* Steiner, Rudolf, Love and Its Meaning in the World, lecture of May 14, 1912, “Love: The Mission of the Earth – III”, SteinerBooks, Anthroposophic Press, 1998.

Jane Hipolito is professor emerita of English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics at California State University, Fullerton. She was introduced to anthroposophy by Owen Barfield, whose writings she first encountered while she was in graduate school. Jane is an active member of the Los Angeles Branch, The Christian Community, and the Literary Arts and Humanities Section of the School for Spiritual Science.


Presented by Stephanie Georgieff 

Sunday, February 26th, 10 AM - Noon 

Waldorf School of San Diego             

3547 Altadena Ave., S.D. 92105

 An exploration of the Black Madonna and the Byzantine Arts as a reflection on the First Christian Empire, the Divine Feminine and Ancient Christianity. 

$20 suggested donation.   Potluck to follow 

Stephanie Georgieff is an author, teacher and natural health care provider with a focus on healing the whole person. Born into a multicultural and ecumenical household, Georgieff was exposed at a young age as to how different groups and cultures live. She was educated at UCLA and went on to Naturopathic School and Acupuncture School, studying in Germany and China to expand her health science education. As her father is first generation Macedonian, Georgieff has roots in Eastern Europe, studying Bulgarian Language at the University of Sophia, and touring extensively throughout the Balkans. She has given lectures and workshops in the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia and India. In private practice, Georgieff combines nutrition, biological medicine, homeopathy, botanical medicine, biographical counseling and acupuncture to guide her clients to wholeness. Her focus has been on Family Medicine, and for the last several years she has expanded her practice to include fertility enhancement. Her most recent book The Black Madonna, Mysterious Soul Companion was released in 2016, and is slated to release companion volumes in this series for six more editions. Georgieff will also publish a manual for families dealing with ADHD, on natural solutions to this all too common childhood ailment. She has published articles in Lilipoh, Mothering Magazine, The Macedonian Tribune and Perspectives. Georgieff has hosted a radio program on an MSNBC affiliate in the Inland Empire of California for three years. “Real Food Empire” on KCAA was the first of it’s kind in the nation, exploring food, nutrition and sustainable agriculture in California. She has also covered Slow Food International events in Italy and the Balkans for her podcasts and for news organizations. Georgieff is active in Slow Food USA as a chapter leader, three time Terra Madre USA delegate and past California Policy chair. She has also given her time to the Salvation Army Greenhouse, Acupuncturists Without Borders, The United Methodist Church and The Christian Community. Her world travels and international experiences have given Georgieff a unique approach to contextualizing and healing the great challenges of our times. This is reflected in her eclectic approach to activism, combining Esoteric Christianity and Green Politics with the background of a holistic health professional. Georgieff’s approach gives new meaning to finding solutions for everything from health to spirituality to social justice. Georgieff combines a deep love for humanity and the earth with the skill of a physician to find the causes and cures for all that ails us in our modern times.  

Stephanie Georgieff can be reached through” www.theblackmadonnaspeaks.net