Dante's Divine Comedy: The Inferno, The Purgatorio, and The Paradiso

San Miguel San Diego

Anthroposophical Society

in America

hosts two lectures by

Thomas H. Meyer


The Subterranean Spheres in the World and   

 in the Human Being 

Sunday, November 5, 2017, 10:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m.

Potluck Luncheon

Location:  Waldorf School of San Diego, 3547 Altadena Drive, SD 92105

What are the Subterranean Spheres and why are they important in this Age of Technology?

Rudolf Steiner gave only five lectures directly about the subterranean spheres, four of them in 1906, and one in 1909 and never returned to the topic again with specificity. However, his very last writing, Leading Thought of March 30, 1925 was titled “From Nature to Sub-Nature” and addressed the need to make such forces fully conscious. He warned “He [the human being] can only do this if he rises in spiritual knowledge as least as far into Super-Nature as he has descended in the technical sciences into Sub-Nature.”

The nine levels of the spiritual world have their polar reflection in the nine layers of the subterranean world. Awareness of these complimentary but opposing spheres is found in literature (Dante), mythology and legend. The degree to which modern humanity is influenced by these unconscious and semi-conscious forces and the necessity of becoming fully conscious of these chthonic energies in order to achieve a balanced progress in one’s moral/spiritual development will be presented in the light of Spiritual Science.

Suggested Donation:  $30  (to help defray traveling expenses)

Please RSVP.  Contact:  Lori Daub (loridaub@gmail.com) 818-314-0116 or    Elizabeth Olley  (elisevison@yahoo.com)760-761-0414


T. H. Meyer was born in Switzerland in 1950. He is the founder of Perseus Verlag, Basel, and is editor of the monthly journal Der Europäer. He has written numerous articles and is the author of several books, including Reality, Truth, and Evil (2005) and major biographies of D.N. Dunlop and Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz. He also edited Light for the New Millennium (1997) describing Rudolf Steiner’s association with Helmuth and Eliza von Moltke.  See the attached list of books.

OCTOBER 22, 2017

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

 Working with the Rhythms of the

Foundation Stone Meditation

And Leading Thoughts

Dear Members and Friends,

In this Michaelmas season let us consider the theme of the year as suggested by the Goetheanum for 2017/2018 which includes the question, how can the Foundation Stone Meditation promote peaceability? First let us answer the question, what is the Foundation Stone Meditation?

Together we will work with this meditation, highlighting its various rhythms, as spoken by Rudolf Steiner at the Christmas Conference that re-founded the General Anthroposophical Society on December 25, 1923.

After the Foundation Meeting in Dornach, during the following year of 1924 and the early months of 1925 until his death, Rudolf Steiner wrote week by week for the Members of the Anthroposophical Society “Letters” which were published (in English) in the periodical, Anthroposophical Movement and in the Goetheanum Weekly (in German)   These Letters or Leading Thoughts were numbered from 1 to 185.  (The series from No. 79 to the end were later compiled in an edition entitled The Michael Mystery.) 

Today we will discuss Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts #1-10.

All are welcome to bring your questions and share your experiences.

The meeting will be held at The Waldorf School of San Diego, 3547 Altadena Ave, SD 92105

A potluck lunch will follow.  Bring your favorite dish! 

For information contact: Eliz. Olley 761-760-0414 or Lori Daub 818-314-0116

Elder Flowering: Adult Phases of Development

 a biography workshop with Patricia Rubano

September 30, 2017

10 a.m. – 3 p.m.


3547 Altadena Drive, San Diego

(Potluck lunch from 12:00 – 1:00)


Life is a process of development and each of us is continually becoming.  The transformations that happen in early life are a gift of the gods and occur as a matter of course.  The potential for growth and change continues in potential throughout the human life as it comes ever more into the realm of our own freedom and responsibility.  This picture of unfolding can help us find what is essential to each stage of life so that we can live and work more consciously with ourselves and with others.

We will share life experiences and also the imaginations of transformation that we live with 

and that inform our strivings as we explore the meaning of aging.

Suggested donation:  $30

Patricia Rubano is the current Director of the Biography and Social Art Program

She is a member of the International Trainer’s Forum and attended the Biography Counseling Course in England. Her training in Spacial Dynamics keeps her flexible and her three grandsons keep her humble.  She has been a Waldorf early childhood educator and student of Anthroposophy for over 30 years and currently serves as a mentor and evaluator in many schools. 

For further information contact:  Elizabeth Sevison-Olley 760-761-0414 or Lori Daub 760-291-1720